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Saturday, February 05, 2011

Dreams and Plans

I started out 2011 expecting huge things and big turn arounds- instead it has been a rocky road- with little steps forward. Hard not to be impatient and frustrated, already worried this year is not going to be what i need it to. But in the world of Thoughts become Things- I need to find a good center and keep a positive attitude moving forward. I find the mornings are up up up full of promise and then I get low and crash- both from tiredness and over-expecting. I have to get back to

Clarity- Simplicity- Sustainability.

Think about what they mean to me, and How I want to manifest them this year.

I am in a mastermind group with 4 other Amazing ladies. And we each had a word for this year (forget that I really have 3). We shared them in our meeting on wednesday and one of the ladies put them all together in this manefesto!

"CLARITY leads to increased PRODUCTIVITY and the courage to LEAP into our BLISS and PROSPER."

I want to make this into a huge beautiful image of some kind and put it where I can see it throughout my day! Time to reset and refocus-yes again! I think this year is going to be about agains agains and agains until it sticks.
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Anna Kunnecke said...

Just occurred to me that "reset and refocus" are always necessary for clarity. I think you just found your own solution. You brilliant woman you.

And I adore this manifesto.

Black said...

Same here IT is beautiful