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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Soul Food

We are food people. Definitely. When we travel we talk a lot more about what we ate than what we saw.

Food is culture, family, love, tradition, and just a darn good experience that we get to have multiple times a day.

I wish more people would stop and think and take pleasure in what that put in their bodies. I wish they would think about it more. I try to. But in the modern world I know it is easy just to grab a prepackaged, lifeless box or bag of crap and mindlessly eat it while working overtime in front of our computers. It is worse than bad for your health, it is bad for your soul. Soulless food that gives nothing and takes everything.

In my little home, a weekend (and sometimes even weekday) morning celebration comes in the form of eggs. Egg sandwiches most often, but sometimes omletes, fried eggs (I like mine over easy) Scrambled or poached. On Saturday we have them at home while reading on the internets, on Sunday we have them at my restaurant as we get ready to make good food for other people too. It is a good thing. Good for the mind, body and yes the soul. Good food is a gift we owe ourselves and others.

PS- the recommended pairing for an egg sandwich? English breakfast tea, of course!

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