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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cops and Donuts for a good cause

Cops camp at Krispy Kreme for good cause
By John Ingold -Denver Post Staff Writer

Lone Tree - Who the heck is this dude sitting on top of the Krispy Kreme?--- Sunglasses. Bucket hat. Legs dangling over the side. Giving shout-outs to the drive-through customers.

"Hello to the woman in the blue minivan," he says into a microphone.

Just who the heck does this clown think he is? Well, he is Arapahoe County Sheriff's Department volunteer Tim Nye. And he is on an official mission. This weekend, the cops took over the doughnut shop. For the third straight year, law officers sat on the roofs of Krispy Kreme locations around the state - there are three in the Denver area and one in Grand Junction - to raise money for the Special Olympics.

They slept there, they ate there, they listened to music there and they coaxed donations from those below. read the rest here.

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