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Friday, May 11, 2007

Nill Cafe in Nakameguro

There is a cute new little shop/bakery near our apartment. It is run by a pair of women who pooled their talents and opened a little business. One half sells homemade bread and spreads. The other half is some handmade clothes and jewelery. It is cute. Very girly- but sweet. Today is a sunny tuesday- and a day off for me- so I meandered overthere and picked up two small rolls, one with homemade raspberry cream cheese and one blueberry. I like the women very much- It will be a great little spot to pick up gifts and the occassionaly bread snack. fun. The postcard below is their business card- it is a photo of the front of the store. This kind of cute exterior is still quite rare in tokyo although getting more popular. Fun.
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Jo said...


I was looking for some cafe in NAKAMEGURO. And I could find your blog. Appreciate if you could let me know the location of Nill cafe. Since I have plan to travel in early January, I'm really interested in there.


lauren said...

It is quite a small place with no real seating. INstead you might want to try some of the other cafes in the area. Nill is best for take out breads and spreads