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Monday, May 07, 2007

Something fun- so this week I discovered Swap-bot! I think it has been around for a while but I didn't know about it. very fun and cool. I am signed up for a few cute cheap swaps. I will report more as I do them. One funny one is about tracing and decorating a cut out of your foot! LOL.

this is from their site.
What is a Swap?
A Swap is a group of people that organize on the internet to trade items through the postal mail. Items are usually hand-assembled, cheap (but rich with craftsmanship and care) and can include mix CDs, postcards, crafts, or anything you can think of!
What is Swap-bot?
Swap-bot facilitates internet swaps. It removes the hassle of collecting swap participants and assigning swap partners.
How do you create a swap with Swap-bot?
  1. Come up with a Swap topic and post the details online. Include a signup deadline, a deadline for sending out swap items, and the number of people each participant will send items to. You can also include a link to your own site about the swap and/or upload a swap logo you have created.
  2. Pass out your Swap-bot signup URL.
  3. Sit back and wait for your sweet swaps to arrive
What does Swap-bot do?
  1. Swap-bot collects the names and mailing addresses of everyone involved in the swap.
  2. Then, using a complicated, computerized algorithm, it mixes up all of the participants and assigns the specified number of recipients to each participant. No more stressing over hand-sorting participants.
  3. Swap-bot emails each participant after the sign up deadline to let them know that they can now access their recipient's name and address. Participants must log back in to Swap-bot to get this information. Swap-bot also sends out reminder emails to participants close to the mail deadline.
How much does it cost to host/join a swap?
It's free! Signup for a free account and then join a swap or start your own.
Who can join Swap-bot?
Anyone over the age of 18. Swap-bot even allows for international swaps.
It seems like a nice community thing, and who can beat getting cool free stuff in the mail! check it out

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