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Friday, May 18, 2007

writing fuel

On Tues, I had a sort-of day off- still had meetings and a beer tasting meeting at fujimamas with The Brews News guy- but I had a few hours of down time too. The cup above is full of a delicious Latte at Gazebo in Ebisu. I am often drawn there on my days off mainly for the tasty coffee, bread bowl soups, cheese fries, sandwiches AND most importantly this time of year- a chance to set outside and watch the people go by in the fresh air.

On a day last year when I first started sketching in my sketch books and exploring the danny gregory book everyday matters- I drew this same kind of cup at this same table. So I guess this little cafe is becoming a creative environment for me.

the big problem is- they have great scones- but only occassionally. It is such a tease, the scones are on the menu but they only have them on the weekends and they are often quickly SOLD OUT :(

this and the cafe at the antique store GLOBE are great spots to write, draw, and daydream.

Gazebo Shibuya Ku Ebisu West 1-33-15
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Melly n David said...

The vaguely awesome scones are what make the trip even better. When you actually get one, Heaven!