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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Food Politics and Fun

I had good news this week. I have long wanted to start something within Democrats Abroad Japan, focusing on food politics. I sent out a test balloon email and got 3 responses of interest. So It looks like we might start a little policy committee.

our goals are going to be simple to start;

1. arrange a book discussion maybe 3-4 titles a year, and then discuss them both on and offline, we would organize it and open the group up to all DAJ, and even other country committee interested folks as well.

2. formulate some text and ideas for resolutions about food related issues to send on up the line through DAJ to DA to the DNC

3. Create and sustain a letter writing campaign, meet to write letters sometimes, and do many letters from home specifically on food politics. Letters to congress-critters, letters to the media, and information posts to members here and in DA worldwide.

For now I am trying to decide some good titles to discuss together. I think I may recommend;

1. Food Politics

2. The Best Thing I Ever Tasted

3. Coming Home to Eat

4. The Twinkie Deconstructed

Not nec. in that order.

Should be an interesting group and I think it will grow as we start to get things going. I am hoping members will join in for specific actions; even if they don't want to serve full on in the committee.

PS more good news about the Pixar Film RATATOUILLE here...

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