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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Kinsai for dinner

We've wanted to go to Kinsai for ages. It is a new grill and japanese restaurant in our neighborhood and last night finally we gave it a try. It was excellent! lots of love and care gave to simply prepared items. The Amuse Bouche was a carrot soup and homemade tofu. Delicious. We then had maguro sashimi, with hand ground wasabi- we saw him make it right in front of us.

Then we tried the figs and parma ham, grilled chicken (this was served with a fantastic yuzu pepper sauce) We had a sweet grilled snapper, and finally grilled beef. All of the grilled items were prepared right in front of us where there was a tiny charcoal grill and a real "grill master." who gave so much attention to each thing.

The details were what make this place. great glassware, beautiful plates, simple atmosphere and kind, warm staff. They helped us a lot especially since we couldn't really read the menu. There was also a decent wine list and tons of Japanese sakes.

This will be a regular spot for sure! (Photos on top from left clockwise- soup and tofu, maguro, fig, chicken. ) (photo below. Beef, Snapper, Interior and gorgeous tea cup filled with green tea)

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