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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

so full and happy!

We had a gourmet beer pairing dinner at FUJIMAMAS tonight. it was YUM! I have a full write up over at the restaurant blog

For now, here on the fancy glass I would like to wax poetic on the Fujizakura Weizen beer paired with our signature Thai Style Caesar Salad. What a delicious pairing and the the true spirit of marrying food and beverage the magic of this combo was that- though both are delicious on their own- together they were fantastic.

We had a nice crowd though it was smaller than I hoped for, we had just 12 folks. an intimate group. but I am hoping to start here and grow this in the future. It was a very nice group of folks and all of them but 1 had never been to our restaurant before, so this was an excellent intro for them.

The chef- Adi and our Staff especially Hideki san
did a great job taking care of all the details. All in all a very successful evening and a nice start to building up our beer following the same way we have cultivated the wine folks.
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