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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

special-TEA tuesday 7/3/07

ice tea, the new frontier...

so Coffee is king in the usa. always has been, ever since we dumped all those teabags into the boston harbor. Sad fate for us tea drinkers who are american. asked to reuse our tea bags at diners, if we can get tea at all. Most of us only have good tea at home. I live in Japan now so things are better for me here... but everytime I visit home I reminded that coffee reigns supreme.

But... dunkin donuts (famous for years for their coffee) is branching out... at least in the iced variety...

Coffee king is branching into a different kind of brew as it spreads across the country

By The Boston Globe

Coffee king Dunkin’ Donuts is concocting a new kind of brew: iced tea. The Canton, Mass., chain has begun offering freshly brewed peach and raspberry iced tea at its New England stores, and plans for national rollout are set for early next year.

The push is part of Dunkin’s broader quest to quench consumer tastes as it expands across the country and faces stiffer competition in the coffee market ranging from Starbucks to McDonald’s.

Iced tea is the new battleground (read it all here.)
will this translate into better treatment for hot tea drinkers as well. Pinkies are raised in anticipation...

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