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Friday, January 18, 2008

A day worth celebrating

really, who knew? 1/17 is Hot Buttered Rum Day? How wonderful is that, and what a perfectly freezing cold hot buttered rum weathered day it was in Tokyo on 1/17! Perfect climate for HBR!!!

according to Cocktail Times;

Hot Buttered Rum Day is officially celebrated on January 17th. The drink was popular in both England and America. It was particularly in the Northeast region of the United States as a cold cure up until the 19th century, while the English were drinking hot buttered ale in the 1600's. It was also known in America as 'Dutch Rum' at first and was one of the traditional drinks of the 'Knickerbockers', -- the New Yorkers of Dutch extraction, who heavily populated New York in the early 19th century.
So here's to Hot Toddies of all varieties!
and a link to a great Hot Buttered Rum recipe by Mrs. Robinson at the Group News Blog.

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