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Saturday, January 26, 2008

why I wish there were more hours in a day


I love life, really. So much opportunity, so many wonderful people, and interesting things to do. But there is just not enough time. About a year ago, I took the RBR Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain workshop. It was amazing. 5 days of drawing that was so much more than that. It woke up my thinking, and it really gave me confidence-- plus it was a ton of fun. Right after the class, maybe 2 weeks later, I did this drawing of my friend. It is still not quite finished, but it was so much fun. And considering that I was at the level of cartoon-ish-stick drawings before that time- WOW.

Sadly, I have not been keeping up with it. Book groups, writing groups, work, travel, freelance writing, work, friends, events, politics, and work... have kept this on the back back back burner.

In good news, the folks at RBR have started a little monthly gathering and online club of alumni from their 5 day drawing workshops. So at least maybe I can drop in to one of those and sketch a little with some other right-brainers.

But really, I would love to have 6 more hours in every day and one extra day a week...
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