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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

slow food

Last night a few folks met up for a slow food dinner in Nakameguro at Mother Esta. This is a great little restaurant that prides itself on local, seasonal, often (but not always) organic ingredients.

5 people came to the meeting, myself, my husband, Derek (a friend from and two lovely japanese ladies I had never met before. The food was great and the conversation interesting. I also got to borrow a good food politics book.

My hubby and I ordered;
a fried pumpkin and puff pastry appetizer
I had Lovely Koso Pork grilled and served simply with lemon and 3 kinds of salt
and we split a dessert of Strawberry chiffon cake. (strawberries are common here in Japan in dec. and jan?!)

looking forward to going out again next month with this new group and searching out other slow food locations.

Mother Esta
2-20-14 aobadai meguro

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