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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Adi back from hong kong

The Chef de Cuisine at the restaurant I run Fujimamas, was away with the Executive Chef/Owner Mark Vann doing a visiting chef gig in Hong Kong. He returned this week. This type of visit to other kitchens can really help chefs stay inspired, and in Adi's case, get real life experience of cooking in different locations, with different systems and guests etc. Someday I would love to go along and see what a trip like this is really like... not sure I would ever have a chance, but it would be fun to travel around and see how other kitchen and restaurant operations work. This is one area where chefs are a bit more lucky, traveling and being a visiting chef, or even line-cook is very common, but front of the house folks don't get the same kind of opportunities.

Anyway, good to have Adi back home.
And he says he will send me new food photos from the trip as well.
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