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Sunday, August 26, 2007

and at last part 3. So we wound up my birthday day eating at Bourbon Street. a little tiny restaurant in the heart of tokyo. 16 seats with a totally hands on owner/chef - that serves great Cajun food. So since it was my birthday I went all out, fried fried baked... and a bottle of very nice wine.

we started with the appetizer of chunks of buttermilk fried chicken with homemade honey mustard sauce. then I had MORE fried food- fried catfish, potato salad, and tarter sauce. Wound up with an apple crumble pie with tiny baby poached pears and icecream. the bottom corner shop is the small street near my train station at dusk. it was a lovely day spent with my husband... and it was very relaxing.

I did get some fantastic email birthday greetings on my facebook and in my inbox. My fav. was one from a friend in France- who took a picture of herself holding a sign that said Happy Birthday Lauren- Not sure what it was about that one but it really got to me.

Oh and bought myself some other prezzies at The Midtown Dean and Deluca. Port wine, and Kalamata olives that are going to play a big role in an evening sometime later this year.

well- my 30's were pretty fun. Crazy to think I spent all of that decade in japan!!! totally shocking to me somehow. I was 29 when I got here... sheesh.
I am curious what my 40's will bring.
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