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Sunday, August 19, 2007

big-business food is doing our work for us

big biz food is a big part of the problem. the problem of health issues, obesity, type II diabetes, polution, climate change, etc. etc. etc. But lucky for us the greedy practices of the big food biz are going to help us expose the problem and turn people back to local sustainable food providers and trusted small business.

in the newest twist to the ongoing tale of greedy big processed food companies, Ishiya Confection company out of Hokkaido intentionally used past date, unsafe milk to make it's pastries. read the whole tale here.

A Sapporo-based confectionary company has joined the list of food manufacturers accused of unethical practices, by falsifying expiration dates on its main product and shipping other products contaminated with colon bacilli or staphylococci, both of which can cause food poisoning.

Ishiya Trading Co. has not only deepened consumer distrust of food manufacturers but also tarnished the wholesome image of food products from Hokkaido.
If the big companies keep caring only about making more and more and more money... then it will become easier to expose them for what they are. good news for us. as long as we don't all get sick along the way.

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