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Saturday, August 25, 2007

BIG 4-oh part 2

Lunch... (since it is me, and my birthday- you can be sure that most of the day is about food food food. ) was yummy.

- we went back to The Globe.

The globe is special for lots of reasons, but most important to me is the that the globe is not like any other spot in tokyo. Spending a couple hours there is like going to some other world. Basically the globe is a cafe, antique store, and garden. It is in an old factory style building and it is filled with gorgeous old wooden furniture, a cozy cafe and lots of fun odds and ends. AND they have good scones and serve their lattes in a BOWL! - I really like bowl-lattes- inordinately so.

In the collage above, the bottom shots are my meal and dessert, the top are my husband's. I am sure that I ordered better- though his did look tasty.

I had an apple, parama ham, brie sandwich with delicious seasonal cold tomato soup, and for dessert the aforementioned bowl of latte with a rum raisin scone. YUM.

it was a perfect afternoon. TokyoTerri, Hubby and I- rode our bikes to the globe. feasted and talked (terri had to go first to be her normal podcast-maven self) hubby and I took a leisurely ride back toward nakameguro with a stop at a nice little wine store (just browsing) and then we decided to got to Tower Books and Records (the same company as in the states and the uk) We bought some great fun music... and I had a magazine fix.

John Butler Trio

Some Fat Boy Slim

Tommy Guerra
and on youtube.

and Jazztronic in the House

all good stuff.

then we went home to relax, and get dressed for dinner. (more about that in part 3)
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