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Monday, August 20, 2007

today's food-fact from the Food Lover's Companion

So- it occurs to me that a way to connect my self and others to the food we eat and the choices we have is to keep learning more. more about;

food history
cooking and taste
and the political ramifications of all of the above
(plus learning stuff is fun)

so in that vein I have this little handy book called The New Food Lover's Companion- put out by Barrons. It boasts 6000+ entries on food, drink and culinary terms. And at 16.95 seems to be a real bargain. I want to explore and feature stuff I learn while browsing this little book. And see if I can find the same kinds of connections in the world of food history and modern politics that folks like James Burke have found in technology and science.

so today is all about Hyssop.

I chose this one, cause last night, I had a splurge and split a piece of hula pie with my husband. Kind of an ice cream cake deal. It was at a little hawaiian themed restaurant in our neighborhood. And on the top of the pie was a nice green leafy aromatic piece of Mint. Mint is something I usually take for granted but it is a great finishing garnish for my desserts AND it makes the lovely mojito possible. So today we are going to find out about HYSSOP.

according to the New Food Lover's Companion

Hyssop (HIHS-UP) is any of various herbs belonging to the mint family with aromatic dark green leaves that have a slightly bitter minty flavor. Hyssop adds intrigue to salads, fruit dishes, (it is particularly complementary to cranberries) soups, and stews. It is also used to flaovor certain liqueurs such as Chartreuse.

The all-mighty Wikipedia has more on Hyssop.

and the word origin comes down directly from the Greek who is seemed had an 's' on the end but otherwise were talking about the same thing. You can grow your own by visiting and purchasing from Diane.

and if you want to cook and use your Hyssop- head over here or here.

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