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Saturday, August 25, 2007

turning 40, part 1

Ok it is true. I am still a kid. only child, never had kids myself, never really grew up I guess. so I am totally shocked to know that my 30's are gone. YUP here I am - as of today 40 years old. WOW- time flys. and all those other cliches. Anyway- I am an august baby, so summer is the theme of all my birthdays- we used to plan pool parties, picnics and summer sleep-overs when I was a kid (thanks Mom)

Now, since I am not grown up- I have never gotten over expecting my birthdays to be a biggish deal. At least I must be, for that day, the absolute center of attention. "Selfish" you say... To that I answer- hey it is one day a year... so I am ok with that.

So today, after torturing our friend ceabird a few days ago- I got something I really wanted for my birthday morning! I started my day with Krispy Kreme Donuts! and Tea! of course. YUM - the thing about Krispy Kreme here in Japan- is there is only one in Tokyo that we can get to- in Shinjuku and it always requires waiting in line- So it was kind of a big deal that he went there, waited for donuts, and then handed them off to my hubby at the trainstation! (ceabird did all this on his way to a weekly soccer game) THANKS! Ceabird!

So with Donuts as the start of the day- my 40th- though lower key than I imagined it would be- was a nice chilled out, lovely sugar filled day. More on all things me later. cause now I am getting gussied up to go to dinner at a very tasty tiny restaurant in Tokyo- called Bourbon St.

more on all things- me in my follow up birthday posts.
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