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Saturday, August 18, 2007

bye bye toshi dinner

It was a pretty good week for food. Though I caught a summer cold I had a busy week this week. One of the highlights was Wednesday night. One of the managers who works with me in Fujimamas is leaving to go on to new experieneces in the USA. His name is Toshi and he has been absolutely great to work with the last 5 years! So in honor of Toshi's last week I wanted to take him out to dinner. We decided to go back to Kinsai. Toshi is not a complete vegetarian but close to it, so I knew that Kinsai- which after all means " Golden Vegetables" was going to be a good fresh tasty place to take him.

It was just as good as the first time we went. And this time it was nice because since Toshi could read the menu much better than we could, we got to try lots of new things. Photos above are just a few of the many dishes we ordered

from bottom right- clockwise.
Cold Potato soup- amuse bouche
Fried Burdock Root with a home made sesame salt
A delightful tofu and veg broth dish in a goregous bowl that I nearly knocked over!
and a big ole plate of Sashimi.

we also had other vege dishes, some noodles, 2 other kinds of tofu, and lots of sake.
There were 4 of us all together and we had plenty to eat- for about 4500 yen each including drinks. (about 40$)

I liked our seats at the counter a bit better (when chris and I went before) But this remains one of my new favorite spots.

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