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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

YEAH- good news of the day/ Farmers Markets Grow More Popular

I posted another food-politics diary on DailyKos today. I am trying to bring my food life and my political life in line with each other, and trying to bring some friends a long the way.

But the good news of the day was this small story in the Main Stream Media (MSM)

"Farmer's Markets Grow More Popular."

The number of farmers markets has gone up nearly 150 percent since 1994, likely due to America's recent focus on a healthier diet including more fresh fruits and vegetables. Farmers markets are an ideal place for consumers in their search for organic and locally-grown foods. Food shoppers also like the idea of knowing exactly where their fruits and vegetables came from., and owners of farmers markets say the movement is putting a human face on the American agriculture industry.

My next read is "Coming Home To Eat" which is in the vein of the Kingsolver book I just finished. More on that, and some possible food-politics podcasting soon.

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