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Thursday, September 13, 2007

celebratory drinks at Higashiya Sabo

So I am very proud of my wonderful husband this week, with much negotiating and hard work in numerous interviews he has gotten a new, very good job. He is an IT guy so getting good jobs and contracts is something he has done before, but this is a very good job at a perfect time. So we are both quite happy this week.

He found out yesterday, but with all the stuff going on this week, events at the restaurant, meetings and such... tonight was the first chance we had to have a nice quiet celebratory drink together...

Down the street from us is a gorgeous traditional yet modern Japanese sweets shop called Higashiya and at night above the shop there is a gorgeous little bar. We had a nice time trying to read the Japanese menu, and we got a chance to sample some of their creations. Definitely a nice place to go back to.

The building is old and new at the same time, and attention is paid to details of every aspect of service and atmosphere. Click around on their website and you will get an idea of their style. I really like this place. Would be a nice spot to go to with good friends. I want to try the food and tea during the day as well.

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