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Saturday, September 29, 2007

i got asked to do a book review! (cool.) "Morimoto the new art of Japanese cooking"

Well, I feel like the fancy glass has arrived (a bit) I got asked to do a book review of the new Morimoto cookbook. They event sent me an Advance copy.

"Morimoto The New Art of Japanese Cooking."
--Iron chef Morimoto showing off his creativity and teaching about new trends in modern high end Japanese cuisine. Gorgeous full color, jam packed with photos. This new book from Iron Chef Morimoto goes over basics in prep and key ingredients. There are wonderful how-to's on prep and on dishes. With step by step photos.

This is a fancy book, but it is also packed with practical knowledge. I especially liked reading about different kinds of fish, and nori (seaweed), the how to's of sushi rice. For sure I want to try the recipe for Morimoto Chicken Noodle Soup. The chef loves that one himself and picked it as one of his 3 favorites in the book!.

Gourmet asked him...
What are your three favorite recipes from your book?
Each recipe is like a child…so you're asking me to choose among my children, which is impossible! However, if I have to pick three recipes, I'd say Morimoto Chicken Noodle Soup, Daikon Pasta, and Tuna Pizza.
The format and look and feel of this book is well worth the rather steep ticket price of $40 usa. I especially like the bamboo wood inspired section heading pages. And the photographer, Quentin Bacon deserves a standing-O for his fantastic work on this project. He kept the food looking fabulous but still real, and natural.

Morimoto also opened a fabulous restaurant in my hometown Philadelphia. I have not yet been but have always wanted to go.

you can read more about the chef and what he is up to now on his homepage.

and take a look at his innovative place in Philly.

Plus you can pick up his book at and at if you are one of my Japan readers.

as a visual experience and inspiration we give it a rating of 5 FG

as a practical recipe book (this one is a bit hard and requires good knife skills and special equipment) 3 FG

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