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Sunday, September 09, 2007

hood heartaches and longing for dim sum

So I work almost every sunday, which is really ok, Cause I love serving brunch. I really do!

It is busy and frenetic, and the guests are usually (though not always) in a good mood. The time passes fast and our food is great so I always end up tired, a bit over tired, but I am glad that I am usually the brunch leader.

this week, brunch has been extra exciting. Our restaurant exhaust hood up at quit sat. night, making our kitchen HOT and smoky. REALLY HOT! and so all day for sunday brunch, my staff was hot, and stressed... but we got the job done.

and I still love brunch shift.

Having said that though- I know what I want the next sunday I can get off! I have been craving DIM SUM. Not sure where the good Tokyo DimSum is, but I am bound and determined to find it.

and when I do find it, I will be sure to write about it here.

*** UPDATE***
in a crazy bit of serendipity- at about 5pm on Sunday just as I was finishing working, a friend, Ted, asked hubby and I to go out to dinner to this really nice Chinese place he had recently discoverd! and for the first course we had DIM SUM!!!! too funny.

also updated- it is monday morning now and still NO WORKING HOOD! arghhhhhhh!!!!

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