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Saturday, September 15, 2007

happy 100th birthday?!?!

Thought for the day...
according to the Japan times;

Centenarians in Japan soon to exceed 30,000 for first time

This is I am sure due to healthy diet, exercise, staying active and the responsiblity the youger generations have taken for caring for their parents and grandparents. We love our parents in the west too! but here in Japan (where i live) it is easier to get off of work to take care of aging and ill parents, and the government is actively seeking new ways to care for the increasing number of older japanese. and of course there is the health care system! so much better and much cheaper than the USA.

the movie sicko had it right. It is time we americans make it a priority to treat our fellow americans better. Take care of each other. We need to force our government to do the right thing. We must also Take care of ourselves.

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