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Sunday, September 30, 2007

UNION SQUARE CAFE TOKYO- Fancy Glass Restaurant Review

I had my day off yesterday and finally got to try the Tokyo version of The Union Square Cafe. The restaurant was created by a Japanese company with advice and consultation from the famous NYC version. We maid our reservation early, about 6pm. I like doing that on friday and sat nights because you can usually get a good table and have the fun of watching the restaurant fill up around you. The interior space was lovely, casual but oppulent, warm colors, nice chairs, and a gorgeous semi-open kitchen.

Staff seemed pretty good. The manager Paolo was lovely, and one woman server who was a bit more mature, took very good care of us. A few of the staff were a bit out of it, but I could tell that they were new and training.

I ordered the Fall Chef's tasting menu. And my hubby ordered ala carte.

First impression overall of the menu and wine list, were that they were solid and good, but not imaginative. Especially the wine list- it was a very safe list, nothing unusual or challenging. A lot of famous brands that are on many other lists. That was a bit disappointing. Also the mark up on wines is quite high.

The food menu was a bit more creative.

Everything was delicious- and I especially enjoyed my tasting menu.
Started out with a wonderful fall salad, mixed greens, fall fruits including very tasty persimmon and a nice salty hard cheese in a white balsamic vinegarette.

next was a penne pasta with sweet corn, Gorgonzola and sundried tomatoes. (the manager kindly split this between my husband and I since he had no middle course)

Then my main was a seared tuna steak, and homemade potato chips. (their version of fish and chips I guess) The tuna was tasy, but I thought it didn't really work with the potato chips- and the chips themselves were too greasy.

Dessert was a lovely sample plate. Uzu Cheesecake, Lychee Sherbet, and A Chestnut Espresso pudding. YUM.

Hubby's Dinner. His Caesar salad was a disappointment. It had crab cake croƻtons which were great, but it had mixed greens instead of romaine which we consider a no-no and the dressing was not Caesar like at all. His main, the duck and Cornbread were great. And the Ginger creme brulee was very nice.

We had some good glass wines, and for dessert a Godiva liqueur on the rocks.

all in all a lovely evening.

FANCY GLASS RATINGS (on a scale of 1-5)

Decor, interior 5FG

Food Menu 3 1/2 FG

Wine List 3FG

Service 4FG

Overall Impression 3 1/2 FG

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