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Friday, September 14, 2007

good news on the food information front

On the up side... story today out about food politics classes in university. from
Professor: Food plays a role in politics Class examines wording on labels, federal policies

“A lot of the wording that comes from the federal regulations about eating is a result of being worked over by many different groups who have a vested economic interest it what we eat,” Barbour said. “It is not for our good health, it’s for the good of these different groups.”
It would be great if this kind of course could be offered at every state run university AND if it could count for health and phys-ed credits for undergrad students, and could be made a required 101 course for folks in a Political Science degree course.

But I am thrilled to see this kind of effort out there. Esp. in a state like Indiana that is usually so much a part of the Corp. ag business information cycle. Nice to see the other side of the conversation being promoted.

Would love to know if there are lists of other universities offering these kinds of classes?

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