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Thursday, September 13, 2007

information is king

part of what gets us all in trouble is not making clear congnitive decsions. But part of what makes some decsions hard to make is lack of information AND specific dis-information campaigns. I was sad to see today that NY struck down a law mandating the fast food restaurants list calorie counts on their menus. Many people argue that we cannot legislate away obesity, but it would be nice to give people a chance to know the details before they order.

If they stopped all the mis-information that the junk food and processed food industry puts out every year maybe we wouldn't need calorie counts. But kids and adults alike are bombarded with sophisticated marketing messages that cloud the issue and actually encourage, entice and incite unhealthy eating. Information is king. and just like with grocery store labels, restaurants should have to tell people what is in their food and how it could impact health.

the people fighting this kind of law are big big corporations that don't want to tell you how much High Fructose Corn Syrup is in your pre-made, boxed, bottled sauces and ingredients that they use. Buy local, support smaller restaurants, and local farmers. It is healthier for you and your community.

write to your congress people and state legislature and ask for calorie counts and nutritional info on menus. what are they afraid of? Informed, empowered citizens- that's what.

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