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Sunday, December 31, 2006

the group

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So our vacation was basically two parts, some time on our own and a 6 day tour with Maupin Tours. This is my first trip like this. And I would reccommend Maupin as a great tour company. they took care of all the details and it was easy to relax and unwind. Plus there were knowledgable tour guides at each destination that gave us great info that would have been hard to find on our own. The photo above was the group of us, on the tour.

from Left to right.
Blanka our tour manager, Ken and Marie who are from Arizona and spend part of their time living in London. (they had a difficult time as BA lost their luggage!) Michael from conn. who used to be a director for TV and the Ms. Universe pagents, Terri and Carol, two lovely ladies from the North East, behind them Larry, who came to try something new for the christmas holidays, Next to him Dave and Linda from NJ- they were great- had some terrific conversations with them. Then Chris and I, and the two sister, Joanie and Kathleen.

Nice group, lots of fun. Thank you to them all and to Blanka for a terrfic trip.

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