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Sunday, December 17, 2006

well- we are on our way

sitting in the narita united lounge cruising on the wireless... very tired. it was a busy couple of days building up to leaving. We are just one plane ride away from vienna.

Our first couple of night we are staying in Das Triest- a hipster kind of boutique hotel. then we joining the tour group and check in to the Sacher Wein. I think I will sleep well on the flight today as I can hardly keep my eyes open now.

feels weird to be leaving the restaurant for christmas, but my team is great and I am positive they will do a good job.

Chris says many folks he has talked to have said that Prague is better than Vienna... But I really think I am going to LOVE them both. We packed some warm clothes. And I am looking forward to having some spiced warm wine tonight after we check in.

Tomorrow I think we will go to the Leopold Museum, and we are meeting up with a Democrats Abroad Austria Friend Kristin Smearl for dinner. She lives in Austria and has promised to take us to a nice local traditional place.

more after I arrive.

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