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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

a pause and cross post

Yes, I am still in Vienna! but I wanted to take an only- travel- post break and instead mention some local stuff AND how much I LOVE reading the food blogs around the holidays. From Thanksgiving all the way to New Years the food blogs are a celebration around the world of holiday foods from various cultures, religious traditions, and family customs. It is a lot of fun and great food for the imagination.

I want to try to get to a cookbook store around the corner from our hotel today. Babette's . I passed up on it yesterday assuming that it would be all german books, but found out after in the guidebook that they have lots of english books as well.
this review from chubbyhubby's vienna guide

Babette's, named after the fantastic food film Babette's Feast, is a wonderful little cookbook bookstore just a short walk from the Naschmarkt. In addition to the great range of books, there's a small counter which serves snacks, soups and whatever else the owners feel inspired to make each day.
17 Schliefmuhlgasse, 4th
Tel: 585 51 65

Back to the blogs...
one of my favorites is 101 cookbooks. And this morning I got up and read about Heidi making Cranberry Jam! - I recommend you check out her site and browse both her cookbook collection on the right hand menu links and her list of recommended food blogs on the left.

Another of my favorites is Chocolate and Zuchinni - a Blog from a french woman, it is a food bloggers institution over there. The DailyKos of the foodblog world. I also have been reading Orangette since I started in the foodblog world. Love her writing style. (though today she is talking about brussel sprouts of which I completely disapprove of!)

there are thousands of foodblogs now and they are fantastic. Hope you will take some fun surfing time and celebrate the holidays with the food bloggers.

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