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Thursday, December 07, 2006

things I am looking forward to #7

apparently I am in for some fantastic cafe- life during our vienna adventures. Vienna is essentially the home of coffee house culture. And i will be sure to go to the Cafe Central

Once the favoured haunt of Leon Trotsky, the Central was, for many years, the café where Vienna's intellectuals came to linger and decide how to put the world to rights. Nowadays, it's tourists rather than revolutionaries who dominate, eagerly looking for a taste of Viennese café society. The interior is certainly impressive, having emerged from a brief closure in 2002 for renovation. And, while coffee, cakes and strudel are fine too, they can't quite match the splendour of the architecture itself.
sounds like just what we will need to warm up after walking around the goregous city and christmas markets in the december chill. A friend also recommended some other cafes. I am making a list. if anyone knows other spots we should go, leave a message in the comment thread!

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