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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

long christmassy day

well, we decided to save the roman ruins, and instead headed out shopping. We did regular st0re shopping, looking for shoes for chris, and sweaters, and for me a dressy outfit for our concert night later this week. Success on the dress and the sweaters. No luck on the shoes.

had a late lunch early dinner at a bar/pub place called Centimeter. He had pork schnitzel and pomme frites, I had turkey schnitzel. totally huge portion. we should have shared one. Had a nice hiefe-weisen beer, and then headed back out.

We went to Spittleberg Gasse, a little back street area where there are great art shops and this time of year a fun winding christmas market... more arty booths, and lots of yummy foods.

scored some treasures... Fair trade chocolate, honey-gummi bears, Lebuchen (ginger bread) and then the hot punch and hot wine when we finished up. A great way to keep toasty warm. Headed back to the hotel with a bit of a chill but rosy cheeks!

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