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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Home and reflections

Well, we returned to Japan yesterday eve. It was a wonderful trip. I will be posting from now reflecting back on the many experiences food wise and otherwise. Also working on my trip journal and will put a full photo album up online.

Today's post- Our Last night in Prague.

on the 26th we had a day to ourselves. The group tour concluded christmas night. And the 26th the other members were off headed for home. And one couple headed for a longer vacation in Germany.

So we got up had a nice breakfast said goodbye to Blanka our tour guide from Private Tours Prague (she also works with maupin tours) and then headed over to the Mucha Museum. I am an art nouveau fan and Mucha was one of the period's Masters. The museum was small but packed full of his work, and photos. Also a great video about him. I learned a lot. Want to get a book now and read more. This trip was wonderful for me, art-inspiration wise. Discovering how much I like Egon Schiele and Mucha. We had some cafe sitting time in front of the Astronomical Clock And then some walking time.

One thing I really wanted to do while in Prague was see the orchestra in some great location. I had a read about a concert on the 26th by the Prague Symphony Orchestra that was to be taking place in the St. Simon and Jude Church. I tried many times to get tickets and had trouble but we heard that you could buy 1 hour ahead at the location. So we set out to find the church. It was an adventure but at last we found it and got our tickets for the 4o'clock show. It was held in the Church in the above picture. The concert was Baroque Christmas. and it was fantastic. First half was small ensemble of Harpsichord, Bassoon, Oboe and Bass and then second have was a larger group of strings, organ, and brass with 4 soloists and full Choir. They performed a famous Czech Christmas Mass. It was glorious. What a way to end our trip.

Baroque Christmas

Ars Instrumentalis

Liběna Séquardtová, Ivan Séquardt – oboes
Luboš Hucek – bassoon
Pavel Nejtek – double bass
Josef Kšica – harpsichord

Prague Cathedral Choir and Orchestra

Eva Forejtová, Pavla Kšicová, Ondřej Šmíd, Tomáš Jindra

Josef Kšica

Johann Sebastian Bach: Trio Sonata in G major, BWV 1039
Jan Dismas Zelenka: Trio Sonata No. 5 in F major, ZWV 181
Jakub Jan Ryba: Czech Christmas Mass “Hey, Master!”

We followed it with a dinner in the Trendy restaurant PraVda and had a nice time. will post more on that later with a full restaurant review.

It was just great. all of it.

Next day 27th we had a train ride to Vienna and a relaxing eve. then flew back on the 28th. arriving in tokyo on the 29th after crossing the dateline.

Good to be back home- but what an amazing experience from start to finish.

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