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Sunday, December 03, 2006

new sanno brunch / dessert

we went to the new Sanno Hotel today, a military hotel in tokyo for usa service folks. My husband is in the VFW ( Veterans of Foreign Wars) and we got invited to an event there in cooperation with the VFW and the Royal British League. There was a massive amount of food. Made to order omlettes, roast beef, bacon, pancakes, waffles, sparkling wine, etc. etc. etc. And the a whole table of desserts. Since this is the holiday brunch they had Christmas cookies that were fun. And I tried the Capuccino Mouuse dessert as well.

It is strange to see such a big, over done American style buffet service in Tokyo- where portions are usually small and overeating is rare. This was full on- over the top- buffet madness. They had a huge christmas tree and santa for photo ops as well.

My omlette was good. The tea was terrible- American coffee culture was well represented- but we had luke warm watered down brown liquid masquerading as tea... oh well.

Full for hours - later. but fun. Posted by Picasa

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