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Sunday, December 03, 2006

things I am looking forward to #5

just got our tour package from Maupin Tours today - in a nice big ups box. two faux leather tour document pouches, and the actualy final intinerary... which leads me to this very exciting "thing I am looking forward to..." on the night of the 25th Christmas, we are going to be at the prague state opera house! seeing La Traviata...

la traviata is a bit of a tradition at the State Opera House.
Verdi’s La traviata has figured on the repertoire of this opera house ever since its foundation
one of the first "dates" (sort of) when my husband and I began the transition from Just long time friends to lovers, was at the opera in NYC. we saw the barber of seville... so on our romantic, dream, winter vacation I think that going to the opera on christmas is just perfect.

you can take a little virtual tour around the opera house here.

I really can't wait. but what will I wear???? yikes!

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