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Friday, April 06, 2007

3 mons later Krispy Kreme Tokyo making the AP

Small story picked up by the AP on sweet-tooth food trends here in Tokyo. What I want to know is, when will we get an In and Out Burger? I guess it would be hard to have one of those since they use local produce and prepare everything fresh. They couldn't mass import frozen supplies- and if they did they wouldn't be the In and Out we all love!

Yuri Kageyama | the Associated Press
Posted April 5, 2007

TOKYO -- After years of staying slim on a humble diet of fish, vegetables and rice, Japanese are developing a sweet tooth. That's proving a business opportunity for Krispy Kreme and other fast-food chains from the U.S., home of the Big Gulp and supersized fries.

Since opening in December, Japan's first Krispy Kreme Doughnuts store is drawing long lines for an hourlong wait or longer just to get in. In the first three days, 10,000 people came to the shop.

"The texture was fluffy and sticky, unlike any other doughnut," said Yoji Yahagi, 22, who stood in line with his girlfriend to eat two chocolate doughnuts each.

The couple are typical of a growing number of Japanese who are gobbling up doughnuts, ice cream and other calorie-rich goodies. Full Story

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