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Sunday, April 08, 2007

la Colina.... :(

this photo represents the only part of my meal at the new restaurant la Colina that was any good- and we had to wait more than 20 mins to even get these cocktails...

I didn't expect a lot because I knew it was only the first week that they opened. But if there are not big leaps and bounds of improvements quickly this fancy-style-mexican is never going to make it.

I should have known when I made my reservation by phone three days ago... I called, it rang many times and when the woman finally picked up the phone she didn't say anything but just held the phone near her mouth while she finished another coversation with a different guest who was leaving the restaurant. I said excuse me a few times--- wondering what the hell was going on, and finally she said "Wait a moment" (no please) when she was finally ready to take my call- it was clear she had no idea how to even take a reservation. I had to ask her if she needed my name, and if she wanted to know what time I wanted to come!

So anyway, we showed up sat. for our reservation, which they didn't have written down. Got seated right next to the kitchen at probably the worst table in the room. And then waited and waited and waited for our two simple drinks. One of which was sangria which at most places is already half-prepared.

As I said I expected slow, and some problems but this place really did seem clueless. We went to their other long standing restaurant, fonda de la madrugada, review below... and so I did expect that there would be some base professionalism since they already have another place...

We got food menus, AFTER our drinks finally arrived. and ordered.

the guacamole on the menu said "made at your table to your taste" but what came out was a small plate of already made guacamole that was very bland. The man at the table next to us actually handed me a bottle of tabasco and said, "I think you are going to need this"

I ordered a grilled fish with capers, tomato sauce and olives, and chris a crepe wrapped chicken dish with a pistachio mole sauce. both were bland bland bland. Our theory is that the managers told the chef that Japanese people don't like spicy food so he blanded-down all the dishes. It looked great but had no taste.

The tipping point for me though, was the 10 minutes that I had to listen to the MANAGER (note - not some part time staff) Polishing silverware and dropping it noisly on a tray right behind my head. He continued this for 10 mins. until I turned around and asked him to stop because it was sooooo loud. The scary thing was he was really sorry and looked like it had never occurred to him that this would be a problem. this is the manager! whose job it is to think about the guest's comfort and needs. this guy was a nightmare.

and finally- when chris had first arrived he gave one of the other managers his computer briefcase- they said no problem just pick it up from the bartender on your way out... I am sure you can guess how this is going to end up.... When we left- of course no one had any idea where chris'bag was...! he finally found it himself behind the cash register with the clueless door lady who didn't take my reservation before.

two thumbs down for sure. we will not be going back except maybe to try to offer a job to the one good waiter we saw there- I plan to tell him when he gets tired of all there bad service he should come on over to work for us at Fujimamas!

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