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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Sumo-Size me?

from Reuters... Supersize food invades Japan, but will it conquer?

By Linda Sieg

TOKYO (Reuters) - Japan's centuries-old less-is-more approach to eating -- tiny portions, elegantly arranged to feast the eye as much as the stomach -- is being challenged by an invasion of supersize fast-food, American-style.

Mega Mac burgers at McDonald's, giant pudding servings and mammoth packets of instant noodles are tempting consumers in a country whose moderate serving portions have often left foreign visitors wondering when the main course would arrive.

The Godzilla-sized creation -- four meat patties layered between three slices of bun with cheese and lettuce -- joined McDonald's menu from January for a limited period and is back for brief cameo appearances after proving more popular than expected.

"It's tasty, but hard to eat," said Takanori Nakayama, 32, a self-employed businessman, after sampling a Mega Mac, which at 350 yen ($3) is more than triple the price of a regular burger. read the rest
I for one certainly hope that the Japanese resist the trend. As I have written Portion Distortion is a major problem both with our health but also with people's relationship with food in general. Our bodies need much less than we think to be satisfied. Stuffing ourselves and going beyond that "satisfaction level" does not increase enjoyment, excess is bad- as with most things.

It is refreshing in Japan that this sort of Super-size-me mentality has not been popular (sumo wrestlers aside) I think it would be terrible if it gains ground here.

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