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Monday, April 16, 2007

My friend's new webzine!

A woman I met through Democrats Abroad- and her Chef Husband have launched a new online food webzine with production. The Site is called Food Travels: a gastronomical journey- nicely laid out with wonderful content. I enjoyed the first few info pieces today. The site has a great mission- Here's how they introduced the effort is the multimedia project of a chef and journalist who have been combining their love for food and travel with their careers for many years. We believe food choice is a social and political act where informed citizens can safeguard traditional cuisine from the threats of culinary homogenization, fast food, and mass production.

Our weekly webzine seeks to promote these aims with stories about artisanal producers, local cultures, and endangered foods. We hope to serve as a bridge connecting stories from around the globe in an ever smaller, more interdependent world. We also provide authentic tours in regions of our personal expertise. To subscribe to our webzine please click here.

We thank you for reading and look forward to hearing from you., A Gastronomical Journey!

this time I really enjoyed the piece on "Drinking Chocolate" Take a browse on the site, there is a lot to enjoy.

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