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Tuesday, April 24, 2007


  after a recording a podcast the other night at the M42 studios, Sean, chris and I headed out for dinner- wandering around Ebisu we tried to get into a Korean BBQ place that Sean knows- but were told that it would be an hour wait... too hungry for that we turned around and saw a cute, tiny Mongolian BBQ joint. And decided to try that...

Mongolia BBQ is called Ghengis BBQ here in Japan. We have one in our neighborhood that I have written about before called the Black Sheep. But we had not really tried other spots. This one was cute, tiny, smokey like they all are. And privately owned.

Mogolian BBQ is made on a dome shaped hibachi. The attendants bring the Hibachi to your table and use Suet to grease the top so everything doesn't stick. They first cover the cast iron dome with veggies, including sprouts, onions, leeks, and other tasty stuff. As that start to cook down you make a bald spot at the top and start to grill your meats. Oh and most of the time Mongolian BBQ is mutton and lamb. This time we had mutton roast, ribs and then chops.

It was wonderful.

The meat was definitely of better quality than The Black Sheep. and it was so clear that the owner who was working that night Loves his little business. He is also clearly a surfer- was showing surf movies on a flat screen TV over the kitchen. and there was surf paraphernalia everywhere. I had a very nice bottle of sake, and Chris and Sean were well supplied with draft beer. We ended up the night happy and too full to find out if there was dessert. I definitely want to go back. (by the way- I don't remember the name of this tiny place so when we go back I will find out and report back)
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