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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Calories have gotten cheaper while other nutrients have gotten more expensive

I am very interested in food politics but find it hard to introduce the topic in a meaningful way. This opening paragraph from a webpage I saw today is as good a place as any to start...
There have been changes in food over the last 50 years, and those changes have been driven by the food industry’s requirement to make a profit. I may be wrong, and I’m happy to discuss this with people who know more (or less) than me, but I think the most important change has been that calories have gotten cheaper, but other nutrition has gotten more expensive.

this is a nice begnining thinking point for some of the basics of the consumer politics of food which play a lot in class and race issues as well. so I just put it out there to ponder. hopefully I will find new ways to introduce the topic and talk more clearly about it with friends and blogger types on the inter-tube-net.

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