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Saturday, April 07, 2007

morning brought to you by Dean and Deluca

After a meeting yesterday I stopped off at Dean & Deluca at the new Tokyo Midtown. It was mobbed... I don't really think eating and shopping there will be easy or comfortble for 6 mons. This is a problem in Tokyo. In a city of 30 million people when something is new or trendy- a LOT of people show up there. Still I had a nice time. Though it was packed. The new store is one of the largest in japan- the clerk said the shinagawa one was about the same size although Midtown has a bigger wine selection. Actually I know the dean and deluca wine buyer here. He is a really nice guy named Jay. I used to talk wine with him long ago.

So I picked up a few treats for breakfast- and indulged this morning. Some new English Breakfast tea- (which needs to be steeped more than my regular brand!) Very nice. Some bread that D&D calls "morning bread"- basically nice white bread in a kind of mini sized loaf. And a jar of Pumpkin Butter by American Spoon Food- The pupkin butter is sweetened with maple syrup according to the catch copy... it was very tasty. Makes toast taste like little morning pumpkin pie! Yum. Not really a spring taste- but fun anyway. I want to go back and eat at the cafe there. and I can see this will be a nice little luxury shop for some food-blog experiments and gift buying.

Tonight chris and I are going back to Midtown to try out La Colina a new mexican restaurant.
more updates to follow.
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