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Saturday, April 21, 2007

one to try out for sure

Found this review from the Japan times...

Nakame's hip new super kitchen- By ROBBIE SWINNERTON
The three sturdy wooden doors that form the frontage of Kinsai open out onto busy Yamate-dori, a 10-minute walk from Naka-Meguro Station. It's an unromantic location, but that doesn't deter the well-clad clientele who have been filling the place every night since it opened at the beginning of this month.

There's a definite buzz going on here -- and with very good reason. Kinsai is the latest addition to the stable of estimable eateries created by the people behind To-Vi, the company that more than any in Tokyo has made it hip to eat -- and eat well -- on your feet. read the rest here.
This one is in my neighborhood, so I am sure we will be trying it out soon. It sounds like fun, though I hope i can find an un-crowded night to go... maybe the next cold rainy tues? We have had a lot of days like that recently.

I like the idea of standing restaurants for folks with a busy schedule. Fast food that is not bad for you! I used to love the standing seafood restaurants in Baltimore and the Harbor. And there are lots of great examples of these types of places in NYC, glad to see the trend picking up again in japan.

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