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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

not just food

So, the fancy glass is primarily a food blog. But I love a lot of other arts in life. music, travel, movies, books.... and much more. So forgive me for sharing other stuff I think is cool. Today I heard about something that sounds soooooo fun. Opera On Tap!

I heard about it in a segment on npr- here is what they do...

Our mission as a not- for-profit 501(c)3 company, is to promote opera as a viable, living and progressive art form deserving a place on the American cultural landscape.

In 2005 we created Opera on Tap as a performance outlet for our friends and ourselves. We wanted an opera "gig" in the vein of the New York rock or jazz gig. Freddy’s Bar and Backroom provided us with the opportunity. It was an affordable way to have fun together and work on our music at the same time... Guess what else happened…

We discovered a new audience starved for intense, acoustic, musical experiences!

More often than not, opera is perceived in this country to be elitist, pretentious, stuffy and boring. Going to the opera means dressing up, shelling out a lot of money, putting on an air of sophistication and most importantly, not making any noise whatsoever, unless it’s the appropriate time to applaud the diva. There is indeed a tradition of behavior at the “Opera”: Act classier than you really are. In America, opera is placed on a high pedestal, so high unfortunately that the average Joe is throwing his hands up and spending his money elsewhere.

I have been feeling quite homesick for the liberal elite east coast these days- and this type of thing would be one of the reasons why! more about opera on tap via the New York Times.

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