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Saturday, April 28, 2007

about one of my favorite Podcasts...

Podcasts are fantastic ways to learn new things. I think we have been missing much in the modern era- in terms of shared aural traditions, story telling and sharing information. Podcasts are bringing back that tradition! There is a podcast for just about everything.

EAT FEED is one of my favorite food podcasts. EAT FEED has been around for a while, and has just gotten better and better.

This is who they are- from their ABOUT page

Eat Feed believes that enjoyment is fed by enlightenment and that smart eaters are just more fun to dine with. To that end, we tell the stories behind all the great food you love to eat, to cook, and to share with friends and family.

We currently produce three distinct Eat Feed podcasts and continue to add more each year

In Season
Taste the freshest flavors of the month and get inspired - and sometimes offbeat - ideas for timely entertainments

Amuse-Bouche Tickle your tastebuds and enhance your culinary vocabulary with these highlights of food experts’ favorite gastronomic words and phrases

Eat Feed Midwest Explore great food from the great lakes to the great plains as we uncover surprising and delicious bites from the Midwest

To learn more about podcasts EAT FEED also provides a great What is a podcast? page.

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